Fire Safety
in High-Rise Apartments

Know Your Building's Fire Safety Plan

While you might enjoy high-rise apartment living in the city for the great view from your window, it is important to address the vital issue of fire safety. Hopefully, your apartment building has a detailed fire safety and escape plan that tenants should follow, including an accessible fire escape from one of your windows. Here are some more important things to know about high-rise apartment fire safety.

Safely Dispose Burning Items

If you are a smoker, then you are automatically at a higher risk for fire in your apartment. You should first check to see that smoking is allowed in your apartment as some landlords do not allow it. Never smoke in bed because you could fall asleep and the cigarette might light the sheets on fire. When disposing of ashes, make sure all cigarette butts are completely put out.

Cooking Safety

The kitchen is another place where fires can quickly spring up. Remember, you can put out a grease fire by cutting off oxygen to it, such as putting a pot or lid over it. You can also pour baking soda onto small grease fires. It’s a good idea to keep baking soda in several areas of your kitchen just in case. Do not add water to a grease fire as it will only make it worse.

Fire Extinguishers

You should invest in a small fire extinguisher to keep in your apartment. Learn how to properly operate it to extinguish fires in your home. It is a good idea for high-rise apartments to have a good fire sprinkler system in each unit or at least in the hallway. Keep flashlights handy for nighttime emergencies and know how to test doors for fire in case of evacuation.

Don't Hesitate to Get Help

If you see signs of a fire, such as smoke, pull the fire alarm if there is one, and get to safety first. Once you are safe, call for help. If the fire is below you, you might not be able to escape by going down the stairs. In that case, call for help right away and wave a sheet out a visible window to help firefighters know you need assistance.